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17 October
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"IB, hence IBS, ergo, IB Better!"
The Girl The Loves
Hi, you’ve somehow reached the userpage of cobaltcrafter. She happens to be just another random 16 year old in the process of working through school, stress, and life in general.

In other words, she’s crazy. Just a little bit crazy, but crazy nonetheless.

She is forever looking for new friends. Her journal is friends-only and locked, but this does not mean that it is a Zurich bank. Comment at her Friends Only post and she will most likely add you. She likes making friends, you see, and the friend-locking is just so that no nosy RL people can poke around in here, for Cobalt enjoys her privacy.

She dabbles in writing, icon making, HTML-ing, layout-making, lanyarding, skycoasting, the list goes on. Often called a "Jack of All Trades, Master of Some", she barely needs to expand her horizons. She is very much open to doing so, however, and will jump at the chance to try something new.
Authors -- Eoin Colfer, JKR, Brian Jacques, Anne Brashares, Dan Brown, Garth Nix, Chris Paolini, Anthony Horowitz, Cornelia Funke, Marcus Sedgwick, Lemony Snicket, Tanith Lee, and more.

Music -- 3 Doors Down, The Rasmus, Fort Minor, Evanescence, Busted, Himesh Reshammiya, Fall Out Boy, Bowling for Soup, Matt Pokora, Jenifer Bartoli, Nickelback, Vanessa Carlton, Brian Adams, Atif, Diam’s, Abhijeet Sawant, James Blunt, Mika, Lucky Ali, Cauet, Styl-Plus, Krys, Lifehouse, Kaysha, The Fray and more.

TV Shows -- Cory In the House, Phil of the Future, That’s So Raven, Smart Guy, Boy Meets World, The Suite Life, Punk’d, Mythbusters, Law and Order, CSI, Lost, Supernatural, Smallville, The Fresh Prince, Dancelife.

Fact: Cobalt is a Gooner, a supporter of Arsenal FC: Has been since the age of eight and will continue to be till Kingdom come.

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